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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of delivery, purchase, exchange and return of goods
1. Goods delivered within 2-10 days from ordering day.

1.1 The company ensures the quality and guarantees that the company’s products are free of defects and match all product-specific standards. The company’s goods, with the exception of literature and other promotional measures, are subject to a thirty (30) days warranty period, calculated from the day of the payment for the item.

1.2 Buyers receive a return guarantee. Within thirty (30) days calculated from the day payment was received, the buyer may: (a) request the replacement of the defective product to a similar quality item; or (b) cancel the purchase, return the item and get back all the paid amount.

1.3 Goods may not be returned if they have been used and / or damaged and / or have lost their appearance (changes in the appearance of the product or its packaging which were necessary to inspect the product are not considered to be essential changes to the appearance of the product).

1.4. The buyer must return in original and in a basically undamaged package. If the item is not in the original packaging or the packaging is substantially damaged and / or the product contained in the package is used and does not meet the hygiene or health requirements, the Company has the right to refuse the return of the goods. When returning the goods, the buyer must attach the original invoice received with the goods, also the buyer must attach a completed and signed free-form request for return of the goods.