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Are you curious about what is hiding inside Fenoq products? Let us introduce you all of them.

Introduction of our new product - Fenoq Tricollagen peptide

I am already halfway through the 14-day program and can clearly see the results! The skin of may face was instantly revitalized, it became smooth and bright and now requires less moisturizing! I am very happy to have discovered this collagen product.Its ingredients speak for themselves and carry multiple benefits for the entire body. I highly recommendit to everybody!Jennifer


What an excellent product! I am glad to have discovered this wonderful dietary supplement. I tried it and loved it immediately. I will recommend it to all my clients! Good luck.Kristy


All I can do is praise Tri-Collagen! I noticed the first changes after just a week. Even though I’ve never had many problems with my skin, it has become even healthier and brighter. Thanks to Tri-Collagen, my skin looks and feels amazing!! It is elastic, hydrated and radiant :))) I highly recommend this product to everyonebecause it creates miracles, not to mention its convenient method of use! Gina


I have completed the two-week dietary supplement program and I am very happy about the results. My nails are now much stronger and my skin is brighter and not as dry as it used to be, so I do not get any skin pulling sensation on my face!Kate


I haven’t finished taking 2 weeks course, but I already noticed the results that made me very surprised. The face skin has become more elastic, it does not feel stretching, when I forget to apply the cream. My cosmetologist noticed this, that the skin is more beautiful, healthier. She was surprised that this is a merit of TriCollagen!Tina


Wonderful! I finished 2nd course and I immediately see the result – the nails are stronger and do not crack! The skin is better, dry areas are no longer dry. I sincerely recommend!Carole


Excellent product! My skin and hair are now much healthier and better looking! It’s been just two months but I could not help buying one more package.  Lindsey


This product is marvelous! I have never seen anything like this. It took just a single supplement programfor my face skin to recover and look healthy again! It is again bright, elastic, and revitalized. People keep asking me if I’ve had a plastic surgery. I highly recommend this product to everyone, no matter female or male. Thank you for discovering this wondrous product! I will be using it for years to come.  Ann


Unreal product! I am taking Tricollagen for the second week, my face skin has become more beautiful, healthier, my hair has become shiny, I really recommend it! All friends ask what procedures I did :)) Sara

Synthesis and absorption of collagen

Most important types of collagen

Mental health

Vitamin C and B, also silicon and hyaluronic acid plays the main role for collagen absorption

Sports people and collagen

Collagen depletion with age

More than 29 ingredients